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Re: [IP] signs of hypo

In a message dated 6/15/01 9:04:35 PM Eastern Daylight Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

> Does any one get signs of carpal tunnel syndrome when sugars go low.  I have 
> noticed that some numbing of just three fingers on my left hand usually are 
> the first signs I notice when sugars are low

I don't get that feeling but I get tingling and very cold fingers!! When my 
hands feel like they're freezing, my sugar is in the 40's!! I believe I have 
hypo-unawareness because of my neuropathy. I used to know immediately if my 
sugars dropped below 80.... not any more, and this is something new, so I 
have to get used to it.  Here, this will make you laugh, I think... One day I 
was on the computer and my sugar dropped really low, really fast!!!! So fast 
that I passed out... my head slammed forward against the keyboard of my 
computer and cracked it.  I also had little square marks on my forhead for a 
couple of days!!! Hee hee, now everyone laugh!!! I sure did when I looked at 
myself later.
Keep smiling,
Elizabeth and Bruno
Happy Pumping.....
dx 10.01.81
coming up on my 20th
year, think I should have 
a party!!!
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