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[IP] Re: signs of hypo

>> Does any one get signs of carpal tunnel syndrome when sugars go low.  I have 
noticed that some numbing of just three fingers on
my left hand usually are 
the first signs I notice when sugars are low. <<

Do you have borderline, or oncoming cp?  When I had
cp I didn't notice it being more pronounced with

>> Also lows since I have been on 
the pump feel different than when on shots.  My
family used to always notice 
things about me when I was low, i.e. differences in
my voice, how I held my 
hands and way I talked, but since the pump, they
have not seen these things 
even when I know that I am low. <<

I think that hypo symptoms change for everyone over
the duration of their dm.  At least they have for
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