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[IP] Causes for hypo unawareness

I don't know if this is right, but this is how my endo explained hypo unawareness to me.  She says that there are cells within the pancreas that "notify" your body about hypoglycemia.  Since insulin producing cells within the pancreas have already been affected, it is not a suprise that these cells are now affected also.  She says that running at 140-180 for 6 months with no lows will help to regain some signs but I have to train myself to notice different cues.  For example, tingling in my hands, numbness in my lips, trouble remembering a common phone number, etc.  I'm slowly learning new cues through constant testing.  I hope if I ever get on the pump that I can regain more signs of a hypo.  Does this sound right to anyone?
dxed 3/81 STILL not pumping, compliments of insurance

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