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[IP] Insurance withdrew approval

I wrote a few days ago about insurance approving a MM when I wanted an Animas and today, insurance withdrew approval for ANY pump.  I've gotten a few different versions of the story.  First I was told that I was not compliant enough as a patient to qualify for the pump.  Then I was told that I didn't have good enough control to qualify.  (HUH?????)  Next, when I stopped crying long enough to confront the idiots, I was told that the pump wasn't denied, it was just put on hold for a few weeks....with no reason.  Finally I was told that info they requested from the doc had not been sent in so approval had been withdrawn.  I asked what info they needed and the insurance co refused to tell me, I had to contact the doc.

I called Dr. Korf and near as we can figure out, they've withdrawn approval because I don't have a recent hA1c.  (I have to get it drawn prior to my 7/10 appt.)  WHY DIDN'T THEY TELL ME THIS IN THE FIRST PLACE...I WOULD HAVE HAD IT DRAWN THAT MORNING!!!!  I have been devastated by this and I work with insurance companies all day long.  So, Monday morning I'm going to have the hA1c drawn, will fax it to the stupid insurance along with a letter.  I am going to cc the letter to the Missouri state insurance commisioner, all docs, and Sprint's benefit department.  

Oh, and for those with the suggestions about how to get an Animas pump, thank you.  I don't have any out of network benefits so I have to go with Minimed.  At this point I would take any pump.  I've had so many problems lately and I don't understand how insurance could even comment to me that I had to have better control to qualify for the pump.  If that isn't the DUMBEST think I've ever heard!!!  I did ask them for a written denial with reasons and that is when I was finally told about the last part.  I'm so angry right now...I'd like to strangle some idiot at Healthnet.  My boss, a surgeon, is livid.  He wants me to ask them for a copy of their medical lisence since they are now practicing medicine.  

Sorry this is so long, this has just been terrible.  

dxed 3/81 and I better get the pump soon!

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