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[IP] Just listening to everyone

Clear DayHi,  I've been a member of Insulin Pumpers for a little over a =
week now.  It's very interesting seeing what everyone has to say.  I =
originally signed up for just the digest, but somehow got the whole =
thing.  I'm glad though.  It's very informative.  I have now checked =
with my insurance to see if my son's pump is covered under our house =
insurance and they said "yes, it's fully insured if stolen and I don't =
have to pay anything extra"  (We have Citizen's Insurance).  My son has =
a set up date for his pump for a week from Monday. His endo's office set =
up a four hour apointment with the CDE this Wednesday.  That's to teach =
us about carb counting and programing the pump.  We're pretty good in =
the carb counting department. On the start date (June 25th) they said we =
had to be at the office all day. They'll start us out at 8:30am. They =
want to make sure he programs his pump right, can put his comfort set in =
right, that the site doesn't get red or irritated and they want to get a =
reading every two hours.  They told us to pack a lunch. They said we =
could probably go at 4:00pm.  As far as getting the pump in the first =
place, I thought I'd have trouble because our insurance said we weren't =
covered unless the doctor proved Johnny needed a pump and we put it =
before the union board. (Our insurance is through the Michigan's =
Carpenter's Union.  We wanted the Animas Pump and they weren't in our =
network (Select Care PPO). Animas said to leave it to them and they had =
approval within a week and a half! Something that would have taken me =
months.  We got the pump 2 weeks after we first looked into it!  An =
Animas rep. came out and explained how the pump worked, three days after =
we got the pump! They've been nothing short of wonerfull! Thanks for all =
the information. I have to look into that "Frio" now!  By the way, my =
son goes to diabetic camp in July. Any suggestions on what I should pack =
as far as pump supplies and whatnot?  Dianne=20
P.S. Sorry this is so long.

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