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Re: [IP] Hypo unawareness

Your response is only part of it. Yes when control is reached more
tightly the body will get used to being low, and will take being
lower then when out of control to feel a hypo coming along. But
truly hypo unawareness happens to those who have many  hypos all
the time. The body's mechanism to trigger the hypo is low. The
adrenline system.  To  help restore balance, would need to avoid
hypos for as long as possible. They say a few weeks to a month. 
This does mean to raise your goals a little bit (doesn't have to be
very much)  If 120 is goal, maybe look at 150.

Also nueropathy can have a factor in this as well, as with anything

> As I understand it, Hypo-unawareness can happen as a result of
> tight control
> for a long period of time.  Because your body adjusts to lower
> numbers (the
> good numbers) it doesn't send out signals that something is wrong
> when you
> drop slightly (or significantly) lower than your usual good
> range.  I have
> heard that you can get back hypo awareness by actually
> deliberately going
> high for a couple of weeks.  
> email @ redacted

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