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[IP] Hypo unawareness

As I understand it, Hypo-unawareness can happen as a result of tight control
for a long period of time.  Because your body adjusts to lower numbers (the
good numbers) it doesn't send out signals that something is wrong when you
drop slightly (or significantly) lower than your usual good range.  I have
heard that you can get back hypo awareness by actually deliberately going
high for a couple of weeks.  I read about this in Diabetes Interview and I'm
sorry that I don't know what issue it was in .. it was at least a year ago.
I believe it was in the Question and Answer section.

At any rate, given that it frequently happens to diabetics that are taking
excellent care of themselves, it's all the more frustrating to hear the
comments like "He/she must not have been taking care of himself...blah blah

 I don't think there's any disease out there that society blames it's
victims more than in Diabetes.

I wouldn't wish it on anyone but it sure would be nice to have the
misinformed walk a few days in our (collective) shoes, wouldn't it?
kindest regards,
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