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[IP] Fast take in hot weather

Clear DayTo all those who have a Fast Take. =20
I have a fast take too. (Or should I say my son, who's 9 has a Fast =
Take).  I looked at the owner's booklet.  There are two different =
messages that you are talking about.  The message "H--" (an H with two =
dashes after it), means that the meter is too hot to take an accurate =
reading.  The message "HI"  (just the letters HI) means that your =
reading is over 600 which is the highest that a fast take reads up to. =
There's also a message that says "L--" (an L with two dashes after it) =
which means the meter is too cold to take an accurate reading.  All =
meters are temperature sensitive.  That's why they say not to use a =
meter that has been left in a glove compartment unless it's been at =
"room temperature" for 20 minutes. Also, because of temperature =
sensitiviey, you should NEVER keep test strips in a glove compartment of =
a car!  That's what's so great about the Fast Take, it's size! It's so =
small, you can easly keep it, and the bottle of strips, in your pocket =
or purse.  I also love my son's Fast Take, like everyone else. I called =
Life Scan and asked what the differencre between the Fast Take and the =
new Ultra was and they said the only difference was the fact that the =
Fast Take takes 15 seconds for a reading and an Ultra one touch takes 5 =
seconds. (There was one other difference, but for the life of me, I =
can't remember it. I just remember that it wasn't that important).
     Hopefully that information helps a little.

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