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[IP] more to pump or not to pump

I saw that someone had asked about long acting insulin. The humalog is
75/25 and is, according to my understanding a mixture of protmine and
NPH insulin.

Shelly was wondering just what type of diabetic I am.  I am a "Mixed Up
Diabetic" (MUD <g>)  I was diagnosed at 23 which at  the time made me
too old to be a Juvenile Diabetic (But I do still act juvenile <g>)  I
was first started on oral medications until I almost lost a foot to a
combination of fungal and bacterial infection.  I had been on insulin
for 28 years until my now GP put me on Glucophage, Avandia and Amaryl;
along with a high protein diet.  This worked very well for almost two
years.  I lost 70 lbs and felt great.  Then, the sugars started going up
and I started giving up.  By the time I got back to the doctor my A1C
was 14!  According to my GP, and he is very knowledgable about
Diabetes,  my pancrease is deciding to give up too.  That's when he
broached the subject of a pump.  Last night (without testing) I took 80
units of insulin after eating a handful of cookies, two porkchops, and a
slice of cake.  My blood sugar this morning was 309 I took 20U of
Humalog and 15 U of R.  During the day, I had a can of slim jims and a
handful of nuts spaced out over the whole morning.  My noon BG was 378.
I took 20U of Reg.  When I got home at 5 I tested again  and found that
I had "plummetted" to a breath taking 240.  Now I injected 10 U of R.
So, now I am at 65 U of insulin and I am still taking Amaryl and
Avandia.  That's just how insulin resistant I am.  Now, you can see why
I call myself a "MUD".

As for side effects -- I have had 4 angioplasties, 1 athereectomy,  1
open heart surgery for mitral valve replacement and double CABG.  I have
stage one cataracts and have had a two diopter change in my vision in
one month. I wear dentures.  Add to that my suspicion of arthritis in
both hips and I guess I've seen a few changes.  I'm beginning to think
that had I known I would have lived this long I might have taken better
care of myself -- Or, I might have partied even hardier!!! <G>  My
co-worker asked me today if any part of my body was working right -- I
couldn't honestly come up with an answer.

At least I'm starting to do something though.  I tested three times
today already and made adjustments with four shots.  Maybe if I can keep
this up, I'll have shown enough dedication to get a pump?
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