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Re: [IP] Do you outgrow Hypo AWARENESS?

In a message dated 6/15/01 2:33:01 PM Central Daylight Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

>   I'm not talking about calculating pi to ten places or anything, but perhaps
> counting off prime numbers and summing them, or dividing numbers like
> 752 by 6.  If I am low, I don't get very far with remembering remainders
> or holding places.  It is really an inability to think in a straight
> line and retain detail.  

I thought I was the only one who did this...LOL  One thing I do, though, when 
I'm low is if I'm eating say cereal because tabs aren't working, I'll sit 
there and try to figure out how much to bolus for the cereal I ate because I 
always eat too much and get sick...and I'll sit there for about an hour 
totally confused about what I'm doing.  When I come out of it, there is 
always a piece of paper by me with all these calculations on there, totally 
crazy calculations!  I sit there and have to laugh at the mistakes...the only 
way to make light of an icky situation!  
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