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[IP] Re: Do you outgrow Hypo AWARENESS?

> Hi all:  I am following the thread on the hypo UNAWARENESS while driving and I
> have a question for you adult pumpers.

> Will this sensation leave him as he gets older?  Did you adults with
> unawareness also have the ability to feel your lows when you were younger?

> Why does one lose the sensation?  I have found since pumping (10 months now)
> that he feels the highs and lows so much better now.

> Thanks for the responses!
> Shelly

This is another of the ymmv of dm care.  What I have
been told, and has proven true for me, is that many
lows will make each successive one less noticeable. 
Never having one will make any new one more
noticeable.  It' like beating yourself over the head
with a hammer every day.  Eventually you won't
notice it anymore.  I used to go into fits and
rolling on the floor with readings that don't even
phase me anymore.  I probably have more less severe
lows now, trying for perfection, making me less

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