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Re: [IP] Do you outgrow Hypo AWARENESS?

email @ redacted sez:
> email @ redacted writes:
> > The good news about hypo UNAWARENESS is that it can be reversed.
> Certainly worth a try, and probably usually true.  Hasn't worked for me,
> though have a few times had slight glimmers of the old symptoms (I have been
> diabetic over 46 years).  I've learned to use other, much less specific,
> clues to test -- tiredness, partial blindness, general incompetence (now that
> is a really nonspecific symptom <gr.>)  After a response to a cardiologist
> about how good I was feeling just before testing at 30, I think I now have to
> add inappropriate feelings of euphoria.  I also don't get rebound highs
> anymore, and suspect it is related.

Over the years, I have tended to go lower and lower before having signs
of hypo.  By the time I started the pump, I almost never had a symptom
until I was less than 30 mg/dL.  Since starting the pump, only two
months ago, I have far fewer lows and can usually feel it in the 50's. 
Although I did have a 42 recently that I didn't recognize.  But overall,
I am definitely more aware. 

If I have reason to think I might be low--I test, but also--I try to do
some kind of math or other cognitive problem in my head.  I'm not
talking about calculating pi to ten places or anything, but perhaps
counting off prime numbers and summing them, or dividing numbers like
752 by 6.  If I am low, I don't get very far with remembering remainders
or holding places.  It is really an inability to think in a straight
line and retain detail.  But, of course, if I am really low, I don't
have the sense to recognize that I might be low.

--Tad, T1 1/80, R1000 4/01
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