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Re: [IP] Fast Take in hot weather

I had this problem with my One Touch ultra and it just said HI as well. 
My sugars have also been running high today and I am bolusing a lot I was
wondering if sugars can get high because of the heat.  Does anyone know
of this happening.  I am getting very frustrated.  Tubing and all is fine
but I gave injection insulin just to make sure and sugars are still not
ocming down.  I am at 24.5


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email @ redacted >Subject: [IP] Fast Take in hot weather >Date:
Fri, 15 Jun 2001 15:03:58 EDT > >We had a bad experience today. My 14
year old son played in a golf >tournament in this horrible heat. He tried
to check his sugar but the fast >take was too hot to register. It said HI
when he turned it on because it was >so hot outside. So he couldn't check
to see what his sugar was! When I >arrived to pick him up, the meter was
still too hot, so I put it in my >handbag and went into the
airconditioned building. It took an hour to cool >off and when he checked
he was over 600!!!! He immediately bolused 15 units >and was scared. We
checked again 1/2 hour later and he was 562, trace >ketones, so at least
we knew what we were dealing with. Besides wondering >what happened that
his sugar went so high, we were sooo mad that the meter >isn't reliable
in hot weather. We are getting the Ultra. I wonder how the >heat affects
that?! > Just had to vent, > Marilyn
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