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[IP] Fast Take in hot weather

We had a bad experience today.  My 14 year old son played in a golf 
tournament in this horrible heat.  He tried to check his sugar but the fast 
take was too hot to register.  It said HI when he turned it on because it was 
so hot outside.  So he couldn't check to see what his sugar was!  When I 
arrived to pick him up, the meter was still too hot, so I put it in my 
handbag and went into the airconditioned building.  It took an hour to cool 
off and when he checked he was over 600!!!!  He immediately bolused 15 units 
and was scared.  We checked again 1/2 hour later and he was 562, trace 
ketones, so at least we knew what we were dealing with.  Besides wondering 
what happened that his sugar went so high, we were sooo mad that the meter 
isn't reliable in hot weather.  We are getting the Ultra.  I wonder how the 
heat affects that?!
   Just had to vent, 
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