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Re: [IP] dm, driver's license, and organ donors (oh my!)

<<<<<<<What I don't understand, is that under the insulin dependent diabetes
on my license, it says organ donor (I chose to be one when I first got my
license).  Would they even WANT my organs?  It kind of seems like an
oxymoron to me, to say iddm, then say organ donor.
Oh well.>>>>>>>>>>

       My first son was in the NICU (Neonatal intensive care unit)  Because
of a heart defect, and the baby next to him got an organ ( i think it was a
kidney) but the parents were told the baby would have to go on a blood bipass
to make sure the blood in it was cleaned or something like it.  the baby was
doing fine when my son passed away 10 days later.  The parents were told that
to get the organ they did was a blessing because they normally would have had
to wait a while because the blood type was rare!
       I was always told i could not donate blood except to myself, but after
this i asked and they said yes thedo some kind of straining and the blood is
then used!

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