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Re: [IP] Do you outgrow Hypo AWARENESS?

I have beem dm for 12 years, and I have always had VERY strong symptoms of 
hypos, even while sleeping.  I had friends at DM camp who ranged from 
recently dx'ed to long-time dmers that often were hypo unaware.  I don't 
understand it.  Something I have noticed, though... pre-pump, I was 
constantly high, A1c's in the 12-15 range for about 4 years after high 
school and before going on the pump, and I used to feel hypo's coming on 
when I got down to 80, and not because of a fast drop either.  Now, after 2 
years on the pump, my A1c's are in the 8-9 range (and I have a GREAT doc who 
is working very hard to get them even lower!) and I don't feel it until I am 
below 60, sometimes not until I am in the 40's.  I have read that the 
tighter your control is, the less warning you get for hypos- meaning your 
symptoms start at lower levels that if you were high a lot.  I'm not sure if 
this contributes to hypo unawareness, though.

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