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Re: [IP] Do you outgrow Hypo AWARENESS?

Todd & Shelly Tyler wrote:
> Did you adults with
> unawareness also have the ability to feel your 
> lows when you were younger?
> Why does one lose the sensation?  I have found 
> since pumping (10 months now)
> that he feels the highs and lows so much better
> now.
> Thanks for the responses!
> Shelly

i'm sure you'll get plenty of responses to this question. the concensus
seems to be that after many years of hypos the body stops reacting the
way it used to, so no warning signs. there is also the thought that 6
months or so w/out hypos can restore glycemic awareness.

personally when i was dx'd 20 years ago a hypo felt like getting run
over by a locomptive. there was no way to miss it. all the classic
signs. as time went on however these signs changed. at one point the
clearest sign i was getting too low was a tingling pins and needles
sensation in my lips. later it was slurred speech. later the only sign i
had was when moving from bright to dim or vica-versa environment huge
orange brightly colored balls would bloom and grow in my vision to the
point i could not see anything. they would fade to deep blue edges and
eventually disappear. currently i have very subtle feelings of unease
that are hard to notice and that's it.

chris parsons
T1 82 HTRON Plus 99
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