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[IP] Water parks

I know we have been talking about swimming and what to do with the pump, but
I need a little help.

My step-daughter who lives in IL is staying with us for part of the summer,
and we are taking her to Oceans of Fun on Monday.
It's a nice excuse for me and my husband to go and have fun, since we don't
normally have kids with us. We plan on staying the whole day including lunch
and that is where my question comes in.

I am on the MM 508 with Quick sets. In the past I have not been swimming
while on the pump, expect of 1 hour this week. I kind of used that as a text
for the "stickiness" of the Quick Sets and they passed with flying colors. I
have had trouble getting them or anything to stick for the entire 3 days. If
I use my stomach I am OK, but I have a hard time in my legs. I will use a
tummy site on Monday for extra strength in the stickiness department, but I
am still scared that the set won't last all day thru rides and the pool and
90 degree weather. Does anyone have any experience in this department?

I am also not sure what to do with my pump. I don't really want to leave it
somewhere, or too be disconnected for that long. My basal rate is low enough
that I would have a hard time using shots, I think. I am not sure how to
keep it from getting too wet. We didn't allow enough time for me to get a
sport guard and I am not sure that would have worked anyhow. Is there
something that you have used to protect the insulin from the heat and keep
the pump from the water? 

Boy, I sure didn't realize that all these questions would arise. The
water-proof feature is not usually that big of deal, since we don't go
swimming often. I never really thought about temperature and the pump
though. How long is too long to outside with the pump? 

I know I am probably over reacting, but that seems to be my motto this days.
I would rather over-react and safe then to under-react and in trouble.

Sorry so long. TIA. If you wouldn't mind copying me on your reply that would
be great since I use the digest.

Happy Father's Day everyone and Have a great weekend.

Jennifer Meyer and Cookie Monster
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