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[IP] Insurance Approval - Animas & MM

Quite a few people have written that they wanted Animas pump but their
perferred provider with BCBS was MM so they went with MM to get the better
coverage.  I have BCBS of Iowa and the same thing happened to me.  I had been
dealing with the ins. company myself through my Endo, etc.  (I used to work
with BCBS so I had a pretty good idea of what I was doing and how to talk to
the ins. company).  When I didn't get appropriate results from BCBS on Animas
but they would pay more with MM I contacted the ins. people who work at Animas
and they were able to deal with BCBS of Iowa through BCBS in another state to
get me a satisfactory price on the Animas.  I need the lowest basal rates
available and that was the Animas so that is the pump I wanted with no second
choice for me at that time.  Like everyone says - any pump is a good pump -
BUT if I would have known beforehand not to even waste my time dealing with
the ins. company myself and just letting the ins. people at Animas deal
directly with BCBS I would have saved myself a couple of weeks getting the
approval.  So, I would urge anyone out there wanting an Animas pump and having
ins. problems to contact the ins. dept. at Animas and let their people deal
with your insurance company instead of doing it yourself.
On another note - I got my pump in Dec. of 2000.  My BCBS of Iowa will pay 80%
of "durable medical equipment" with no deductible (which includes pump,
cartridges, sites, IV prep, etc).  At that time since BCBS of Iowa was not
preferred provider with Animas it went toward my deductible and then paid at
70% under prescriptions.  I would be HAPPY to report that on my reorder I
received just a couple weeks ago it stated that BCBS of Iowa is now preferred
provider with Animas (or however they state it) and my sites, cartridges, etc.
were all paid at 80% without any deductible.  So, Animas is obviously getting
on the preferred provider list of many insurance companies all the time so
don't give up!!!!
(Sorry so long - just wanted you all to know - the key to getting the
insurance benefits YOU have paid for and YOU deserve is PERSISTENCE!!)
Thanks for listening!
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