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Re: [IP] Re:glucagon emergency kit

>Just wondering....in general how common is it to need an emergency kit.  John
>and I closely monitor his sugar 4-5 times per day but every so often we make
>a mistake and he has a very low low that requires the kit.  Does this happen
>to others?  We feel that we are very careful...and yet we get caught off
>guard. Is this unusual?

For diabetics, anything is "usual"!  I don't care how hard we try we will 
always be caught off guard.  I test 8-10 times a day because I don't have 
good signs of when I am going low.  I never leave home without a glucagon 
kit and there is one in the car.  I've only been doing this for the last 15 
years due to gastroporesis.  Sometimes I just can't get out of a low and 
have had to use the kit.  But in 15 years I think I've used one 8 times.  I 
usually end up throwing them out because they expire.  Prior to the gastro, 
I never carried one for 23 years.

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