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[IP] Re: No Delivery--Priming the pump

"J Hughey" <email @ redacted writes:
>>> If all that is fine, and the cartridge is inserted in the pump with the
arms down, have you filled the tube til a drop shows, and then primed the 5
units, before inserting the cannula?>>>

>>It seems like there is a step missing in the above, as well as an adjustment to be considered. When the tubing is filled by hand (conserves battery power and time - takes 5 min. for MM to give 6u and we're talking 20u), then primed when the reservoir is inserted into the pump, that takes from 0.5 up to about 5u to see that drip come out, depending on how much slack/pressure there was against the levers. It is very important to additionally prime the empty canula INSIDE you after insertion to fill the space that was taken by the inrtoducer needle. I ran high after every site change for 6 years because I hadn't been taught to do that. I had used straight needles (bent them myself) for 10 years and there was no empty space in those. (~_^)>>

When I went through pump-training, I was shown to: 

"prime" the cartridge by moving the plunger up and down a couple of times to spread the lubricant before I filled it.

Then fill and push out the bubbles, tapping the barrel of the cartridge if the bubbles are stubborn (causes them to rise to the top).

Hook the tube to the cartridge

Push the insulin through, by hand, until I see a drop.

Load the cartridge in the pump.

"Prime" 5.0 units.

Insert the cannula.

Remove the inserter needle.

"Prime" another amount depending on the size of the cannula. This one goes inside me and is to fill the space left by removing the inserter needle. 

It seems to work and doesn't take too much time, because I set the Prime of 5U to happen while I'm in the shower minus the pump. I can tell if it worked because I set it on a kleenex and when I come back, I can see a wet spot.
If I don't see a wet spot, I know it didn't work and must "Prime" the 5U again, but this never happened.

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