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Re: [IP] A Query....

At 11:54 AM 6/15/2001 -0300, you wrote:
>Hi Folks,
>I was hoping for some input on something I heard from a pump rep here in
>Canada.  In he US, if you have a low blood sugar that causes an accident, do
>you lose your license?

It is different from state to state the necessary steps to even get a 
license.  In WA I had to get a doctors certification every year and there 
was a Medical alert on my drivers license.  Getting insurance was also a 
real pain in the you know what.  In WA you would have your licensed 
suspended for an accident if not lose it.  I was going to fast once and 
like an idiot ( I was low ) I told the officer that pulled me over, that I 
was rushing to the 7-11 because I was having an Insulin Reaction.  Dumb, 
dumb, dumb, but it turned out ok, he actually had me follow him with his 
lights going.  He did say, "you better be more careful or next time you may 
lose your licensee."

So now for AZ.  They didn't even ask if I had any health problems, so for 
all they know I don't have diabetes.  But, I also know that if you have 
several calls to the paramedics you doctor is obligated to report this and 
you than lose your license for six months, and if it happens again you do 
lose it.  I know someone this happened too.

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