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Re: [IP] Hypo while driving


I'm sorry to hear about your experience.  I know that must be very upsetting 
to you.  I know the effects of hormonal issues (non-pregnancy) on bloodsugars 
can be very frustrating so I can't even imagine what you must be going 
through just after having a baby.  The best thing is to check your 
bloodsugars and keep checking many times through out the day (especially 
before getting in a car to drive).  I find sometimes my bloodsugars can drop 
within minutes of a good reading.  Make sure you carry a fast acting sugar 
with you - cans of regular soda, juice boxes, glucose tabs. etc.  Keep extra 
in your car-I put mine in a plastic shoe box container in my car (juice box, 
candy, crackers,etc.) so it's all in one place and I can just grab it and 
start eating as soon as I need too.  I know it can be frustrating when you 
feel as if others don't trust you to handle your bloodsugars but I'm sure 
this is out of concern for your well being. It is very hard to adjust roaming 
bloodsugars and I know everyone just wants to know that you are safe.  
Believe me you are not alone on the bloodsugar rollercoaster.  I'm glad you 
were not seriously injured and I hope that you sugars will even out for you 

Take Care,  Linda
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