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[IP] Re: marathons

<< Hi, does anyone have any experience with marathon training on the pump?
<< planning on running the LaSalle Chicago Marathon in October, and any 
<< advice/personal experiences would be greatly appreciated.

I haven't run a marathon yet with my pump, but I'm planning on one in the
fall also. Either Baltimore or New York if I get in (the lottery is next
week). I've only been on the pump for less than 2 weeks, but I did my first
long run of my training this week. I cut my basal rate down 50% for an hour
before and during the run. I was shocked at my bg's - I was about 150
before my run, 111 an hour into it at which point I had 25 grams of carb (a
packet of GU.. doesn't taste great, but also doesn't make me nauseous on
the run!), and I was at 93 when I finished my run at just over 2 hours.
This would never have been the case when I was on MDI. I'd have to cut my N
down the night before, eat a lot of carbs before AND during, and even then
it was a lot of guesswork. While I know I have A LOT to learn about the
pump, I think it really will change theway I've been preparing for and
doing my runs. So it looks like we're in the same boat, good luck with your
training and let us all know how it's going :). 


P.S. - curious - are you following anyone's specific training program? 
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