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Today I had a doc's appointment and among other tests, she sent me down for 
an Anscore test which is a new test available for the dx of autonomic 
neuropathy!  I had never heard of it until today... apparently they just 
because available for use a couple months ago.
What they do is connect three electrodes on three parts of your stomach where 
the vagas nerve passes through which is the largest nerve in your body (i 
They put some nose plugs on your nose (LOL) and give you this blue thingie to 
blow/breathe into.  They do three tests:  one, you breathe in for a count of 
five and out for a count of five...do this a few times; secondly, you take a 
deep, deep breath and breathe out like you are blowing a balloon for 15 
seconds (this is the most important test); thirdly, these do orthostats, 
having you sit up and stand and measure your heart rate for 45 seconds.
What they are testing is the action of your heart and heart rate along the 
path of this nerve.  Somehow this tells them if you have autonomic neuropathy 
or not!
So next time you go to the doctor, ask to have it done if they have the 
equipment available.  It could save your life!!
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