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[IP] Re: insuring your pump

Lyndy -
Insuring my pump was one of the first things that occurred to me (after
setting the proper basal rates).
I also had it included on my househhold insurance for an additional cost -
didn't think twice about it!  My 507C had to be replaced with a 508, and
first thiing I did was photo-copy the sales receipt and mail it off to the
insurance company.  If somethiing happens (house burns down, etc) last thing
I need is to worry about the pump!  Altho' chances of being caught at set
change are slim, I can't afford to PAY for a new one!  I've forgotten who is
my household insurance, but if you want to know, I will tell you.  I get a
reduced rate because I bought the plan thru work.  (Might be Nationwide?)
My best friend's house caught fire, and she got out with everything on the
second floor destroyed, and things on the first floor were useable, but lots
needed replacing, and she had to make an itemized list.  All I really need
is my spare infusion sets, my pump, and insulin (replaceable for money).
Good luck, and keep us advised!

Jane and "Chance"
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