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Re:[IP] Hypo while driving

A hypo while driving is what has led me to the pump...which I should be getting any time now.  I passed out behind the wheel, police came, ambulance called.  I ended up punching two police officers and they had me face down on the road with two people laying over me to do the initial BG check.  The worst part was that I'd called my husband from my cell phone and he knew what was going on but I wasn't aware enough to tell him where I was.  He thought I was dead or had killed someone.  I felt so awful afterward, like I had failed myself, my husband, my parents, literally everyone who cared about me.  My Mom threatened to move from Montana to Kansas City until this was all figured out.  

The only way that I can regain trust is to monitor, monitor, monitor.  I am hypo unaware, as I discovered that day, so I HAVE to check before I get into the car.  I also check before I start a surgery at work, I'm a surgical tech, anytime I feel slightly different at all, before going on a walk, before everything.  (And in spite of this I did pass out 5 days after the car incident and had to be taken to the ER again.) At least the 2nd time everyone knew that I had been monitoring and I didn't get the lectures!  (Although we had to do a lot of talking to keep my Mom in Montana!)

I'm really sorry that this happened, I'm sure many of us can relate.  Just start fresh now and be overly cautious.  Take care
dxed 3/81, pumping ASAP
29 years old but Mom thinks I'm still 9!!! 

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