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Re: [IP] Hypo while driving

"sherry.compton" wrote:
Now I feel like no one
> will ever completely trust me. It's quite a blow to my self-respect that I did
> something so stupid.
> This on top of my depression about going back to work is hard to handle right
> now.
> Sherry C
> >From the massive city of Bowling Green, KY
> Feeling blue, depressed, tired, and out of control

hey we've all had lows while driving, and they can be scary. about a
year ago i was driving home from a friend's after dark (10 minute drive)
and realized i was totally lost. didn't recognize anything. in my
deluded state i decided that when i came to a corner my body would know
which way to turn even if i didn't. and it did and i got home and i was
never lost. happy ending.

having said that i should add i scatter tubes of lifesavers all over my
truck, along with drinking water and crackers and cheese the awful kind
you get in vending machines. i am hypoglycemic unaware but at the least
hint of strangness i hit the glucose. on trips over a couple of hours
long i let myself run a little high.

i'm sorry you feel so bad but you are learning your limits and what to
do about them so in the long run it will all (most of it anyway) work out.

chris parsons
T1 82 HTRON Plus 99
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