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[IP] To pump or not to pump

First, my thanks for the very supportive messages I have received.  I
can understand now that the multiple testings and injections are a part
of the deal to be considered for a pump.

I realize now that basic control will be the issue first.

Another question.  I'm hearing that some people are eating candy apples,
cotton candy etc and then injecting more insulin to cover the carbs.

I find that doing that is causing a huge weight gain of 20 lbs in two
months.  Also the increased insulin is causing my cardiac symptoms to
reoccur.  I've taken nitro during the last two days.  I have shortness
of breath and chest pressure.

It seems like I am very much like my mother.  She could control her
sugars or her cardiac condition; but not both at the same time.

If this won't bore everyone to tears, I'd like to post my progress or
lack of progress maybe it will be good for the soul if not the heart.


(who took 40 U Humalog and 40 U of R two hours ago and am not feeling
like much is happening at all!  I'll test tommorow.)
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