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[IP] Re: insulin pumps in Ireland and Scotland

Hi Isabelle,
    We moved back to Canada last summer from Northern Ireland so that Claire 
could get an insulin pump.  She would not have been able to get one in the UK 
(cost too high, and no doctors putting kids on pumps).  However, there are 
adults on pumps, but not in any great numbers, and you would have to search 
out a knowledgeable doctor.  Also, if you have lived in the UK before you 
know that all diabetic supplies are provided under the NHS.  However, only 
certain things are approved (eg. certain brands of strips).  The paediatric 
doctors in Belfast did have a discussion with me whether they could order 
pump supplies through the hospital, if we did buy a pump on our own 
somewhere. They were aware of pumps, but their view was that it probably 
wouldn't improve a child's HA1c.  (Note Claire's HA1c has dropped from 10-11 
on injections, to her first one of 8.1 on a pump).   
    Your best bet for information, if no one here replies, is the pump 
companies themselves.  They will be able to get you in touch with their sales 
reps in Ireland and Scotland and you can pose the questions directly to them. 
 Even if its a "just considering the possibilities" type question.

Barbara, Mum of Claire 7 
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