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Re: [IP] To pump or not to pump

Chris -
It sounds like you have Type 2 diabetes, not Type 1,
which is probably why you go to a GP in the first
place.  I don't know of any Type 1's that are not
treated by an endo.

Please get referred to an endocrinologist.  They will
have more information than a GP on insulin in general,
and pumps in particular - or at least more access to
this information.   

Also, the DCCT clearly shows that more frequent blood
sugar testing followed by action lowers the risk of
complications in Type 1's - and this has been
concluded to be similar for Type 2's.   It is
discouraging, but it's just a # - keep testing and
doing something about it now to reduce your problems

Good luck,
Shelly V., Austin, TX, mom to Luke, 6

My GP doctor mentioned about a month ago about
learning about insulin pumps.   I've been reading this
list  ever since.

Yesterday I went to his Nurse Practicioner for what
turned out to be cellulitis.  In our discussion we
talked about blood sugars. I told her I quit testing
two weeks ago because I'm so discouraged.  I am
normally in the high 300 to low 400 range.  I take 20
U of Humalog and 20 U of R twice a day.  I've gained
25 lbs in two months. Plus, it looks like my cardiac 
condition is starting up again.  I used my nitro for
the first time in over 5 years (it was fairly current
and did the job)

When I talked to her about pumping she said the only
advantage was not taking multiple shots daily.

I thought that even speading out the twice a day 40 U
might be of some help.

Should I just give it up as a luxury or are there
other benefits as well.


Chris (Diagnosed 1973 -- age 23)

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