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[IP] Weight Gain/Loss

SNIP>>>>The more insulin I take the more fat my body 
> stores 
> therefore the more insulin I need.  It is a vicious cycle.  Any 
> input would 
> be greatly appreciated and needed!              
>  Courtney pumping 3 1/2 years  MM507<<<<<SNIP

Hi Courtney, 
I have been "chunky" all my life, and have struggled forever to keep 
my weight down, I am and probably always will be 30 pounds over 
recommended weight for a 5'2" woman.  

One of the hardest things I had to learn about the freedom the 
pump gave me, was to "quit eating to the insulin".   I hated the 
Lows so much and had seemingly lost my awareness of them until 
I was really a sweaty shaky mess.  With the pump I have regained 
awareness and have much better control.  

Having been on diets on and off all my life (quit dieting 20 years 
ago) and I can tell you absolutely that nothing works but eat less, 
move more.   That's it.  

My daily goal is to stay within the 40-50 units per day.  I don't 
make it every day, you know stuff happens, sites go bad and I eat 
too many oatmeal cookies. But it is still my goal.  Read the book 
Pumping Insulin" it was very helpful to me. 

Many of us have problems with weight.  The really bad news is that 
when you are over forty the pounds seem to be made of super glue 
and they just don't come off easily like they used to.

Hang in there, keep us posted.   We do care about how you feel. 
Bonnie R. 
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