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[IP] Talking you into it!

SNIP>>>>>>JoAnna Minick <email @ redacted>
> I am a person with diabetes for 47 years and have been having
problems with my blood sugars and my doctor wants me to go on 
a pump.  So all you  insulin-pump users talk me into it.<<<<<SNIP

Hi JoAnna, 
When I was about 54 my blood sugars went nuts.....now I am 
convinced it was related to hormones, although my doc says no 
proof of that.  My local Nice Doctor who treated 55% type 2 
diabetics, just kept saying "just do the best you can"  but I was 
very upset with the daily ride form 47-350 or more.    I hated it and 
stressed out so much about and he was telling me not to test so 
much.  I went to a specialist at UAB Birmingham (4 hours round 
trip) and the first thing the head of the Endo Department said was 
why don't you try a pump....I said, "I thought that was for really 
sick people"!   (Geez, wasn't very smart, was I?).  So we talked 
about it, I watched the videos, got on the web and searched 
around, found great stuff - at that time only MiniMed and 
Disotronics were out with pumps.  I read everything on line that I 
could.  Made a decision within a couple of days, called them and 
said Let's do it. Clinic had someone from MiniMed call me and the 
next thing I knew my pump was here.    With my pump arrived 
freedom, great control (5.8-6.6 for over 5 years), and a very happy 
person.  The freedom is the most amazing thing.  It took a couple 
of years before I would not automatically eat at certain times.  It is 
so great coming home and not even bothering with dinner.  Maybe 
eating popcorn if I want at 9:00 PM.  Going out with friends and 
never knowing or caring when we might eat.  AND the Good 
new/Bad news is that you can eat ANYTHING YOU WANT, ANY 

The first thing I asked the CDE about was how many units to bolus 
for a piece of Godiva (response was 2).  I can remember on the 
way home, my daughter was driving after picking up some truffles 
and goodies at the B'ham Godiva Store, savoring that piece of 
lucious chocolate for at least 50 miles.  

I love my pump.  I wear it on the waist of my pants, jeans, stuck in 
the top of my pantyhose.  Most of my skirts full enough that I can 
bolus under the table, or use my remote to bolus.   Actually I am 
on my second pump.  I will never go back to MDIs.

So get a pump, your only regret will be that you didn't do it sooner.  
I promise you you will be thrilled. 

If you have any questions, just let me know.
Good luck, and keep us posted. 
Bonnie Richardson
Huntsville, AL
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