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In a message dated 06/14/2001 1:22:49 PM Eastern Daylight Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

> My daughter frequently receives the NO DELIVERY error message -- it is
> very frustrating and MiniMed has not been of much help.  They have
> suggested inserting the needle into a fattier sight, that the tubing is
> crimped (but it's not!), a defective reservoir (we've tried reservoirs

The things that come to my mind are 1) do you twist the barrel of the 
reservoir down a couple times to make sure it all has the lubricant so won't 
get stuck, and 2) is there something (being in an air-conditioned house, for 
instance) that may be increasing static electricity lately.  I did have no 
del from static electricity at one point with a previous pump -- it seemed to 
help to touch something metal first before I touched the pump, others have 
talked about the new case and using dryer sheets.  I also had the problem 
once when the cannula was only inserted a short way -- it seemed to be able 
to take a little bit of insulin, so I was getting my basal, but any bolus 
over a unit or so caused a no delivery alarm
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