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Re:[IP] Insurance approved pump

    * From: Dana Hull <email @ redacted>
>    * Date: 13 Jun 2001 16:18:45 -0700

> Insurance has approved the pump...and I should 
> be jumping for joy, but I'm not.  (Now I need you
> all to write and tell me that any pump is better
> than no pump and I'm fortunate to have coverage!)


I was in the same boat.  I called Animas and told them that I
would have to go with MM since they (Animas) were out of network.
For me, in network is 90% coverage with $1000 out of pocket max, 
while out of network is 60% with a $2000 out of pocket max.
I told them what my first year out-of-pocket cost would be from 
MM, and they agreed to cut a deal where I would have only $200 
more out of pocket expense during the first year by choosing 
Animas.  If you are still interested, you might call Animas and
explain your dilemma.  Maybe they can work with you.  If not, I
am sure you will be happy with whatever pump you get.
Happy pumping,

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