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[IP] Re: Bent Needle Tips

>>> Anyhow, I'm not sure if I"m putting the site in properly or not.  It is a
little different, but they don't feel any different. No pain with them at all,
no problems with insertions. Just really curious if there is an angle someone
uses or is there a
tape method preferable. I have iv 3000 tape, but wonder if its strong enough
to keep the site in place. Christene >>>

I used straight needles for about 10 years and bent them myself. If I recall
(it's been about 8 yrs.) - I taped the needle down first with a strip of paper
tape (allergic to Tegaderm and lots more), then Op-Site #4575 by Smith +
Nephew (MM does carry them IF you get the right person) with the green tab -
about 2"x3". For security, tape a loop down with extra tape (I used the paper
tape) near the site (about 2" away) so it won't easily get pulled out.

I did have a lot of pain with them and to protect my sites, I used a metal eye
patch with holes in it and it had a fabric covering around the edge. I spread
open a cottonball and placed it in the oval and taped that over the site so
grocery cart handles, purses, countertops, etc. wouldn't hit it and make me
bleed or hurt more.  I was taught to fold that green tab on the tape onto
itself and that made a good grabber to remove it. That is why I now fold a
corner of the textured tape that comes with the Sof-Sets onto itself for the
same purpose. (~_^)

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