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Re: [IP] fastake strips

Yvonne wrote:

>>My questions are:
Is everybody using Fastake having this same problems getting the strips and
also, anyone using the One Touch Ultra and how do you like it? Are the
strips easily available?<<

I find that I have a much easier time getting strips for the Ultra than the
FastTake which is why I've switched from the FastTake to the Ultra.  The
LifeScan rep I spoke to (at a Diabetes Fair) told me that the FastTake was
being replaced by the Ultra and once the store supplies of the meter were
gone the only ones that will be available will be to replace damaged or
malfunctioning FastTakes.  My pharmacy here has lots of the Ultra Strips in
boxes of 100 and 50 and only a few boxes of the FastTake 50's.

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