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Re: [IP] training from Minimed ??

On 14 Jun 2001, at 2:32, pokergoddess wrote:

> I had gotten training from my nurse at the doctor's office and since
> going on the pump (2 weeks today) my sugars have been MUCH higher than
> they were before I went on the pump.

For the first two weeks I was still reacting to the Ultralente that was 
in my system.  I believe most CDEs/Doctors tend to set levels a bit 
higher to begin with to account for the remaining long term insulin.  
They don't want you to start hypoing to begin with, it is better to 
gradually work those levels down.  I did not see  ~significant~  
change in my Bgs for about 9 months and since then I don't fret 
over higher numbers.   I just take a look at where my treatment 
may need to be improved (usually in the carb count.)    :>)  

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