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[IP] Re: behavior and bg


Re: how to tell the difference between regular behavior and
behavior due to bg...
I asked this very question of a child psychologist last July
because it was a very hot topic of debate at that time on the
Children with Diabetes list. I was curious as to what he would
have to say about it. What I am about to tell you is exactly what
I told him (and he agreed with me and thought I had a
good/well-balanced approach, for whatever it's worth.) A lot of
the stuff my 10 3/4yo daughter does is the exact same stuff her
non-diabetic siblings (7 total) do or have done at the same age
(and sometimes even at the same time) so it is just normal kid
stuff and she gets disciplined accordingly. (I think having lots
of kids puts me at an advantage in this regard.) We do not check
the bg in these cases or I'd be doing bg checks every 5mins, all
day long, some days (and not just bg checks on her, I'd have to
check them ALL if the behavior was caused by the bg. LOL! I know
the bgs can make you feel bad and misbehave, but how would you
explain the other kids doing the exact same thing at the exact
same time in that case? See what I mean?) My first thought is NOT
that her bg must be high or low when she misbehaves and in fact,
it never even enters my mind unless it is something *really*
extreme. This is the key...if her behavior is very *out of
character for HER* and/or a generally-accepted-as-normal behavior
is *taken to an extreme*, THAT is when I suspect the bg (and it
is always either really high or really low, but usually really
high, when we check.) I *always* check the bg in this instance.
These instances do not happen very often (thank goodness), not
even on a weekly basis, so the vast majority of her behaviors are
just normal kid stuff. I don't go around blaming her bgs for her
behavior and she doesn't use them as an excuse. I hope this means
we've struck a good balance (and that's all we can really strive
for. No one has all the answers.)

Now, I know all kids are different but I would suspect that the
same is true for most kids. Just one mom's opinion.

Hope this helps!

Take care, Kerri  
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