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[IP] training from Minimed ??

I had gotten training from my nurse at the doctor's office and since going on
the pump (2 weeks today) my sugars have been MUCH higher than they were before
I went on the pump.

I'm interested in knowing if it's possible to be trained by one of the CDEs
paid for by Minimed.  Also, my CDE who is training me will be retiring in
July.  The training I received was not very detailed at all, mostly how to put
a set in and do a bolus.  Most of what I've learned has been from reading
posts here and reading the manual from MM and what I've gotten from partially
reading Pumping Insulin, and also going to support groups.

Also, I've just gotten bills from my doctor's office for training, so
obviously I'll be paying for the visits to see the nurse.  I only saw her one
time before going on the pump, saw the dietician once, and saw the nurse only
once since being on the pump.  She was away all last week.

She tells me I'm doing fine because I'm not having any low blood sugars (the
main reason I went on the pump).  But how can I have low sugars when I'm
consistently running high, which is driving me crazy.

Are the MM trainers only for people who have no access to a CDE or are they
available to anyone, even, like me, if I've been supposed trained by my

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