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[IP] Bent needle tips

Does anyone one here have tips for how to use the bent needle set
with out wings?

Seems to me that mine are only lasting one day for me.  This is
what I'm doing. Cleaning site like normal, use skin prep, then
taping over with a polyskin 2. I'm almost wondering if I'm not
having an allergic reaction to the polyskin. Never have before.
Anyhow, I'm not sure if I"m putting the site in properly or not. MM
wasn't all that helpful with directions, hehe neither was
Disetronic. It is a little different, but they don't feel any
different. No pain with them at all, no problems with insertions.
Just really curious if there is an angle someone uses or is there a
tape method preferable. I have iv 3000 tape, but wonder if its
strong enough to keep the site in place.

Thanks all


PS: Thank you IP members for sending me the sites. Trust me I'll
use them!

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