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Re: [IP] Pump Training cost built in

If pump training is built right in to the cost of the pump set up then our 
insurance company sure did NOT get their monies worth.  Our training for Josh 
in Dec99 consisted of about 20 minutes visit from an RN from Portland OR, 
about 200 miles away.  She came she watched me do my first insertion on Josh 
(She had Josh SIT in a chair which made things terribly back breaking for 
me!) and then leave.  She was in such a hurry to leave that she actually left 
all of her training materials here at our house.,  When I contacted her later 
about it she did NOT want to bother coming all of the way back to get them 
she said for us to just keep them or throw them away.  She'd get some more 
from Disetronics.  I have NEVER received ANY formal training from ANYONE 
concerning pump use, except for that 20 minutes!  We were basically left to 
fend for ourselves.

  And as an after thought...this RN is STILL the only CDE that our local rep 
will utilize for pump startups in our area, even though there is now TWO new 
certified pump trainers with over 1.5 years of PERSONAL pump use 
EACH....myself and Kerri, another mom!  By the way, this RN had NOTHING to do 
or say about basal rates or insulin use or anything like that so that was not 
and IS not a concern for actual pump startups and why it had to be an RN.  
Kerri and I have both susccessfully trained ourselves and our children and 
taken and passed the required training through our local rep and Dis to 
become trainers for our rural area.  and our rep STILL refuses to use us and 
prefers hauling this nurse 200 miles to do WHAT...absolutely nothing.  But, 
after all, she IS a nurse!!!

Sorry folks...taking a deep breath now!

mom to Joshua
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