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[IP] microalbumin excretion rate UGHH

Well I have had a terrible day. As if the troubles with the Ace Inhibitors
were not
enough........I picked up the results of my first blood work since starting
on them, and guess what??? Almost everything is twice as bad!! My kidney
test (microalbumin excretion rate) is now twice as bad as it was before
starting the ACE inhibitors......My AIC is up, my LDL is up.....Ughh. I am
pretty livid..I know I will be o.k. but, I really thought that this Vasotec
was going to help my kidneys, not make everything worse!!! Does this mean
that I am advancing to nephropathy at a fast rate??? I see the Endo on
Friday, and I am sure that he will just change my med to that other class
II......and hopefully that will be that.

I was wondering, id there a time limit to when complications set in? Like if
you have DM 20 years without damage, does that mean you are free and clear?
Or say like myself I am 12 years DM and having these problems, does this
mean it will only get worse. I read allot about this microalbumin excretion
rate stuff today and reading words like "increased likelihood of morbidity"
or "clear indication of impending renal failure" blah blah.......I can
really make a person down you know? I am sure many of you
do..............Well, just another vent. Sorry!!!
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