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[IP] I can't bolus!!

I have had my Minimed 507 for a little over three years now....I've been 
pumping for 6 and a half years at this point.  Anyway, when I tried to bolus 
today, my screen kept clearing and putting me back at the time screen!  My 
pump won't let me bolus!!  A few days ago it said LO BATTERY and then two 
hours after replacing the batteries, it then said NO POWER!  I called Minimed 
and the representative walked me through some trouble shooting techniques.  
She said that my battery connection might not be working correctly, and she 
would send me a new battery carrier in addition to new batteries!  Two days 
later after speaking with Minimed, my pump won't let me bolus (I haven't 
received the new battery carrier yet), and I have to go back to MDI when ever 
I would typically bolus.  Fortunately, I am still receiving my basal rates.  
This is the FIRST TIME IN OVER 6 YEARS since I have given myself a needle!!  
Plus, to top it all off........my sugars have been better since I started 
using the needles today than they have been using the pump recently!  Figure 
that one out!!  (and i don't think it has anything to do with the pump 
possibly not working correctly)  Anyway, I will be getting a loaner pump from 
Minimed tomorrow morning....they sent it out tonight!!  Fortunately my pump 
is under warranty, and I found out that I will be able to upgrade in February!

Kelly -- diabetic 27 years, pumping 6 years
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