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Re:[IP] Insurance approved pump


I too wanted the Animas and for financial reasons had to go with the MM.  I
could not be happier!  On a Monday I called MM and said I'm going with you
and I had my pump on Wednesday morning at 9am.  My insurance came through
quickly and my Dr. is very fast with her paperwork, both of these things can
slow the process down. The hardest part was waiting the 2 weeks for
training!  I wanted to start that day!  I read 'Pumping Insulin' twice and
read the manual cover to cover (twice) and watched the 508 video 3 or 4
times and practiced with my pump (not connected to anything).  On the day of
my training it took only 1.5 hours because I was so familiar with the pump

I am pumping almost 2 weeks and I can tell you it is a great feeling to wake
up with a BG of 99! 

I spent weeks 'deciding' which pump I wanted which was silly because in the
end the decision really was not mine.  When it comes time to buy a new pump,
I will again look at the Animas and the other pumps, but for now I LOVE my
blue 508. :-)

Feel free to email me any time if you have any more questions of need a pep
email @ redacted

"Insurance has approved the pump...and I should be jumping for joy, but I'm
not. (Now I need you all to write and tell me that any pump is better than
no pump and I'm fortunate to have coverage!) I wanted the Animas pump and
tried to get it even though MM is the preferred provider....no go. I'm
really impressed with Animas and their customer service. I sent in my info
to them last Tuesday and they called me back on Thursday with the who, what,
where, when. MM has had my info for a MONTH with 2 calls.....after repeated
calls from me. So, I'm nervous. I'm scheduled to sit down and meet with the
MM rep tomorrow so maybe I'll feel better after that. Insurance approved all
this but who knows how long it will take for MM to get me my pump now. (This
whole process has been supremely frustrating!) Thanks for listening, feel
free to tell me how wonderful your MM pump it, I'm sure that will help me
feel better! 
Dana dxed 3/81, pumping ASAP "

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