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[IP] First upsetting day on pump

Hey everyone,
   I had posted something earlier today titled "NO DELIVERY" which was the
alarm that I got at noon. Well, it happened again today at supper, so I
was getting flustered while checking my tubing. Meanwhile my husband looks
at my site and notices it is full of blood. I am so mad at myself, how
could I have missed that???? Thankfully the insulin was still getting
through because my BS was still 7.0. However, I just cant get over how
stupid I feel. As well, I was a little scared at the amount of blood
accumulated under the tape and the amount that still, a half hour later
keeps coming out. What caused this? It was a site that has been in for
only two days. 
   Anyways I changed sites, cleaned the old one with IV prep, and applied
polysporin and a band-aid.. is there anything else I should do??? I know
this is probably common sense, but I am just a newbie, and still very
unsure about myself, so I depend on you experts for all the help I can

Thanks again for everyones help,
Sarah Arnal (pumping 34 days) 

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