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Re: [IP] Re: anyone ever feel like screaming

well ia m not hear to brag complain whatever but i know ho it is to be 
dependant on drugs for your well being. I for one tried to not take my pills 
and me "normal" it just made me farther away fro normal because I almost 
died. i am only 20, i was 18 at the time.  I woke up one day  said hey if i 
want to live i have to do these lil inconveniences a few tiems a day.
i do admit I slip sometimes but id o get right back on track.
Some people do make me sick when they complain they have to take 1 pill a day 
or a shot every month.  Hello!!!!  But at the same time I betcha we would be 
complaining to if we were in their shoes!  Non diabetics cannot understand 
what it is like to be dependant on something for your life.  No one can ever 
know what it feels like unless it has happened to them 
I think we all need to have a lil compassion for everyone. they for us and us 
for them 
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