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[IP] Re: anyone ever feel like screaming

>>> Take it from someone who passed out for 3 hours in an army airfield and
awoke to the sound of thunder and rain pelleting her face. (Thank God it
wasn't a Huey {helicopter}, a? )  Of course it wasn't funny at all at the time
and people ask me how I can joke about stuff like that and I just tell them
that I have to laugh, if not I would be in a looney bin.
Sally G. Dawson  >>>

Did they call you *dimples* after that? Glad it wasn't hail! {{{hugs to you}}}

I've been wanting to rant about some people which makes *us* *other people*. I
was in a session with a lady who was grieving over taking a pill a day for the
rest of her life. It was for depression and that made her more depressed. I
understand that, but taking A *pill* to get out of it to *me* did not seem
disastrous. I have a friend right now who is not taking her thryoid meds as
instructed and complaining about the tiredness, etc. I said to her, *hmmmmm -
you have a pill to make you feel better and you don't take it? hmmmmm.* A lady
on another list has a husband who hurt his shoulder (and we have Frozen
shoulder due to DM) and had surgery. She says "He'd just like to get his life

That's just 3 cases. They all think it just happens *to other people* - making
US *other people*. Well, I don't like being *other people* just as much as
they want their lives back. Frankly, I think I'd like to take A PILL a day
(instead of the 15 + humalog, EPO weekly, and the all-important ETC.)

Besides, I learned today that I have to sandwich Monday & Wednesday doing two
4-hr. iron infusions (again!) around Tuesday when I go for 2.5 hrs. of
dialysis training. BUMMER! I'd just like my life back (from over 50 yrs. ago?
hmmmm). Time for another nap; maybe I'll wake up and this is all a dream.

Jan (62 y/o, T-1 11/5/50, pmpg 8/23/83) & Bluda Sue (MM507C 3/99)
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