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[IP] do you ever just feel like screaming?

<snip> coming down so fast I feel like I'm low for 2 hours but can't do
anything to make the feeling go away because I NEED to come down . . .
pharmacies and stupid people who don't pay attention to the 5 million places
I have written my new insurance information . . . and I'm mostly sick of
insurance people and how rude and inconsiderate and unfeeling and downright
stupid they are and why don't they realize that all the stress they are
putting me through just makes things worse? Will I ever be able to get
through 1 day like a "normal" person and actually be able to concentrate on
getting through the rest of my life? I have so much on my mind between
diabetes and paying the <snip>
Dear Julie,
Yes, I know what you're going through, but "normal" I do NOT know.  ;o)
Frustrating, very frustrating.  I think that ALL people (especially
insurance co's) should (HAVE TO) be able to experience one week (preferably
during menses {sp?}) of "being" a diabetic.  I'll bet they would definitely
change their tune.
Hang in there kiddo, I know it's easy for us to sit here and say, "I've been
there," but we  have and DO understand and feel your frustration like most
if not all people on the list.  You are at at a very stressful point in your
life.  Take it from someone who passed out for 3 hours in an army airfield
and awoke to the sound of thunder and rain pelleting her face. (Thank God it
wasn't a Huey {helicopter}, a? )  Of course it wasn't funny at all at the
time and people ask me how I can joke about stuff like that and I just tell
them that I have to laugh, if not I would be in a looney bin. 
Sally G. Dawson  
IDDM for 36.5 of my 38 Years
Fort Campbell, KY
Air Assault!
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