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In a message dated 6/13/01 12:06:27 PM US Eastern Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

<<   I was just giving myself a bolus (w/ my MM508) and it stopped in the
 middle of delivering, vibrated a number of times and said NO DELIVERY.
 What happened?? I still have lots if insulin left in my reservoir, the
 tubing is still in good shape, etc. I didnt change anything then about a
 minute later that NO DELIVERY went off the screen and I had to re-bolus
 the remainder of my first bolus...   any ideas?? >>

The time it happened to me was when my canula was crimped. You test for that 
by disconnecting and priming 7 units through. If it all comes through, it's 
the canula that's in you. Since you got a NO DELIVERY, then were able to 
deliver the rest, I'd suspect a crimp in the tubing.

Jan and Elvis
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